Lakshmipur District:

Lakshmipur District (Chittagong Division) with an area of 1455.96 kmē, is a district of Bangladesh bounded by Chandpur District on the north, Bhola and Noakhali districts upazilas on the south, Noakhali District on the east, Barisal and Bhola districts and the Meghna and on the west. Maximum temperature 34.3 °C, minimum 14.4 °C; annual rainfall 3302 mm. Main rivers are the Meghna, dakatia, Katakhali, Rahmatkhali and Bhulua.

Lakshmipur (Town) stands on the bank of the Rahmatkhali, consists of 12 wards and 22 mahallas. Lakshmipur municipality was constituted in 1976. The area of the town is 16.88 kmē. The town has a population of 65398; male 52.07%, female 47.93%. The density of population is 3874 per kmē. The literacy rate among the town people is 45.1%.

Administration Lakshmipur thana was established under Noakhali district in 1860. Lakshmipur was transformed into subdivision in 1979 and was elevated to a district in 1984. It consists of 4 upazilas, 3 municipalities, 30 wards, 55 mahallas, 47 union parishads, 445 mouzas and 536 villages. The upazilas are lakshmipur sadar, raipur, ramganj and ramgati.


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