Madaripur District:

Madaripur is a district in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka Division.Madaripur District (Dhaka division) with an area of 1144 sq km, is bounded by Faridpur and munshiganj districts on the north, barisal district on the south, shariatpur district on the east, gopalganj district on the west. Main rivers are padma, arial khan and kumar. Temperature: average maximum 35.8°C, minimum 12.6°C. Total rainfall 2105 mm. Madaripur (Town) consists of 9 wards and 33 mahallas . The area of the town is 34.81 kmē. It has a population of 54867; male 50.69%, female 49.31%. The density of population is 1576 per kmē. Literacy rate among the town people is 66.1%. Madaripur is famous for date molasses.Before a few years Madaripur was famous for Jute business and Jute industry, This was introduced before 1970 by one of the wealthiest Person A.R Howlader.After the independence of Bangladesh,Government seized all large private industry and formed BJMC the industry then became sick.Local political leaders are generated by that Jute mill. Because of this madaripur was one of the well known place, which attracted many business man. It provided many jobs and comfort to the local peoples. After its success just before 2000, the business started to lose its profits.

Madaripur subdivision was established in 1854 under the district of Bakerganj. In 1873 it was separated from Bakerganj and annexed to Faridpur district. Madaripur subdivision was turned into a district in 1984. It consists of 4 upazilas, 57 union parishads, 550 mouzas, 3 municipalities, 27 wards, 85 mahallas and 1035 villages. The upazilas are madaripur sadar, shibchar, rajoir and kalkini.

Madaripur district was named after Badruddin Shah Madar (15th century) sufi saint. He was one of the sufi saints who came to Bangladesh from some Middle Eastern country in the 15th century to propagate Islam in Bengal. Now Madaripur is a full-fledged district. Shah Madar’s dargah or tomb on the bank of the Arial Khan is visited every year by countless people seeking the blessings of the saint.

According to correct information, Shah Badi-ud-din Madar is buried at Makanpur ( In Kanpur District,UP,India) but he had visited all over India during his life time. There are many places named after him, such as Madar Hill, Madaripur, Madarpur, Pura Madar and madaripura. The tomb at Madaripur Bangladesh is not of Shaikh Badi-ud-din Madar RA but certainly of another saint possible,of the same madaria order.

The Bharat Sevashram Sangha, which is a prominent charitable, philanthropic and religious organization was founded by the illustrious patriot and saint, Acharya Srimat Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj in 1917 at Bajitpur (now in Madaripur District, Bangladesh). Bharat Sevashram Sangha is a vast network of volunteers across the globe dedicated to helping people in distress.


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